Tour de Fleece

I wasn’t sure I’d do Tour de Fleece – with the bar exam a couple of weeks away I have a lot on my plate right now. But I HAVE indeed been spinning, and I DID start a new project on July 3, so I may as well show you.

spinning 008

This is 80% Polwarth, 20% Bamboo, dyed by Southern Cross Fibre in the colorway Cairns.

spinning 004

For my fellow Americans, Cairns is a city in tropical northern Queensland, Australia. This blend of turquoise, green, and blue-gray does feel very tropical to me. The white streaks of bamboo look like rough surf.

I chose this particular fiber out of my stash for three reasons:
1) Look at the pretty!
2) If Tour de Fleece represents challenges, then it is appropriate that I reference Australia. When I was a junior in college I spent four months in Australia on an environmental science study abroad trip. It was the farthest I’d ever been from home, and the longest I’d ever been away from my family. It was also the period in which I’ve experienced the most physical discomfort, as we were camping in subtropical conditions for up to 6 days at a time. That’s 6 days with no showers, in heat that reached 41 degrees Celsius/106 degrees Fahrenheit, dirty, sweaty, and COVERED in bugs. But six years later I can say without reservation that it was an amazing experience and a time of very important personal growth. It was (aside from marrying my husband) the best decision I ever made.
3) I’m going back to Australia in August! After the bar exam I’m taking my husband back to Australia to show him the sights. We’re also going to several places I didn’t get to see the first time, including Cairns.

So really, it was the obvious choice.

spinning 002

It will be a two-ply, and it’s looking like light fingering at this point. I split the roving in half, and split one half into many smaller strips, so one ply will have much longer color segments than the other. I already think it will be lovely for Coquille.


8 thoughts on “Tour de Fleece

  1. Wow, look at you scoring the Southern Cross! Go big or go home, lady 🙂

    The colorway is beautiful, and your spinning looks great.

  2. The question is, are you actually watching the tour while you spin? Because if you are, you are the only other person I know in CT who is. I feel very along in my cycling geekdom. The color is awesome by the way.

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