spinning 047

Fiber: 80% Polwarth/20% Bamboo, in colorway “Cairns” by Southern Cross Fibre
Weight: Varies between lace and fingering, 625 yards/572 meters in 105 grams.

spinning 042

I’m definitely becoming a better spinner. This is the finest I’ve ever spun, and I think there is the least variation in thickness.

spinning 027

The coloring worked out as I had planned, with the colors lining up in some places and barberpoleing in other places. I like how the white bamboo results in a heathering that hides some of the imperfections. It also has a subtle sheen in brighter light.


PS: Yay for kitties!

10 thoughts on “Cairns

  1. That is all kinds of pretty.

    I’m kinda digging this whole Tour de Fleece thing. Even though I’m not participating, I still get to check out all kinds of awesome yarn porn. Sweet.

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