Inspiration Book – Tin Ceilings

When we were in Sydney, we stayed at the Mercantile Hotel. It’s a pub on the ground floor with modest rooms above, built in 1915 or so. I loved the tin ceilings at the Mercantile, and there seemed to be a different pattern in every room.

Mercantile 001

Mercantile 002

Mercantile 003

Mercantile 005

Mercantile 006

Mercantile 010

Mercantile 012

Mercantile 013

Mercantile 014

Mercantile 016

The textural, repeating patterns seem like they would be (very roughly) adaptable to knitting. Maybe as a cushion or an afghan. I’ll be mulling it over.


6 thoughts on “Inspiration Book – Tin Ceilings

  1. When I was little, my grandfather’s house had a tin ceiling in the kitchen. I loved staring up at it; I thought it was beautiful. I have used the design concept in graphics (seamless, repeating tiles) but it hadn’t occurred to me to wonder about the possible knitting aspects. Nice idea!

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