Monkey Socks


I finally finished my Monkey Socks. They’re in the Canon, I had to knit them.


I knit them a few rows at a time, over the course of over four months. I’m not a big sock knitter, and this project made me think about why. There are a couple reasons – I walk a lot, and if you’re walking serious distances, handknit socks aren’t comfortable (you’d want a finer gauge and more stretch). Also, I have size 10 feet and substantial calves, so handknit socks tend to be too small for me.


Indeed, these are a bit too small. But in general I think they turned out well, and I see more socks in my future. I’ll just be more careful about sizing, and challenge myself to make the necessary modifications.


I’m particularly pleased with how the yarn (Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, in River Run) worked with the pattern. There was some striping, but the pattern was still perfectly visible.


Kitty says my feet smell funny.


5 thoughts on “Monkey Socks

  1. You sound like you are describing my feet. I use a 72-stitch cast on instead of the usual 64, and get comfy socks. Good luck in your quest!

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