spinning 002

Fiber: Corgi Hill Farm 75% BFL/25% Silk in “Slither”
Weight: 4 1/8 oz (121 g)
Yardage: Approx. 850
Details: Spun on my Kromski Minstrel at 16:1, I guess I use a forward short draw

spinning 019

Verdict: LOVE

spinning 009

It’s obviously not perfect, but I’m unabashedly proud of it. There is some variation in thickness, but less than in previous skeins.

spinning 006

Most importantly, I’ve avoided a problem that has plagued me in the past. In previous attempts, some of my singles have been over twisted such that they kink into corkscrews rather than plying evenly. There is a much more even twist on this skein.

spinning 021

It’s even pretty well balanced!

I’ll submit it to the Rhinebeck novice class competition unless I come up with something better in the next 10 days. Jacie, send me some good juju!


10 thoughts on “Slither

  1. I am sending you all-out, full-on good juju…but I don’t think you need it! That is just beautiful yarn! And so fine…you’ve come a long way in a short time, my dear. πŸ™‚

    On an ironic note, I’m also entering some Corgi Hill BFL/tussah 75/25 blend two ply this year! Mine, in “Surf Song” is going into the blended skein class. That fiber blend is just fantastic to spin.

    • Thank you!

      For those of you not acquainted with spinning superstar Jacie, she won a rainbow of ribbons at Rhinebeck last year, including a blue in the novice class and a red in the blended class. She’s my muse πŸ˜‰

      • I think she is everyone’s muse.

        Also PRETTY yarn…. wish I could be there to see it win ribbons. Send me pictures πŸ™‚

  2. this is beautiful!! You did a wonderful job. I’m considering starting to spin (ie destashing and looking for a wheel) and this is very inspirational.

    BFL seems to turn out lovely no matter how thick you spin in it

  3. Hey Emilee,
    Looks like I’m having a little problem with the email going through right. I saw your Mom last night at the S&G Christmas Party & she was telling me about your knitting. I just had to take a peek and am so impressed at your talent. I love your Katarina sweater & those socks – – the best! Your sister must have flipped over the knitted skulls. What fun!

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