T-minus 7

The good news: I have finished knitting the body pieces of my Rhinebeck sweater, and they have blocked out to size.


The bad news: I have never, EVER used a commercially dyed yarn that runs as much as this one.


That was after the SECOND WASH! I’ve never had a problem with Cascade 220 before. I’m also concerned about how big a pain it will be to get the extra dye out of the collar portion, which will be knit on after the rest of it is sewn together.

Further good news: My bright blue handspun turned out nicely.


I tried to spin it to match my Tranquility handspun (darker blue) and I think it came out close enough.

spinning 010

Next up: sleeves, finishing, collar, WASH WASH WASH, blocking. I think I can make it!


9 thoughts on “T-minus 7

  1. Wow – that is a LOT of bleeding. Have you contacted Cascade?

    I second the mention of vinegar.

    Good luck! Keep us posted 🙂

  2. Holy purple water, batman…

    Triple ditto on the vinegar, if you have time for that. If not, well, you know I’ll still bunk with you when your pretty Rhinebeck sweater turns your skin a lovely shade of cobalt. After a box of wine, nobody really notices those things anyways 😀

  3. dye magnets! i think shout makes them, they’re in the laundry section of the supermarket. and this is a tip straight from barbara elkins during webs staff weaving training, haha.

  4. I have experience with Cascade 220 crocking like that – but the color of the finished shawl was everything I could have wanted. I don’t know what will happen when/if I wash it again though 🙂

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