Happy New Year!

Wow, this is my fourth (1, 2, 3) year-in-review post.

It was a big year personally. I graduated from law school, took the bar and was admitted to practice law in two states, and went to Australia.

The big fiber news from this year is that I really started spinning. I guess I learned in 2009, but it was in 2010 that I finished my first yarn and got my wheel. As such, the handspun shawl I made during the 2010 Winter Olympics is the all-star project of the year:


spinning 015

Handspun Showcase Shawl 054

The project that delivered the biggest bang for the buck/hour was the Skull Garland for my sister.

october 022

The item that I like the best and wear the most often is my Shalom. I love the idea of buying fiber at Rhinebeck and wearing it as a finished item the following year.

october 006

In 2010 I finished…

Three other shawls:



Byron Bay 191

Four other tops:

honeycomb 002

spring lady 019
February Lady


october 108

Three toys:

hedgehog 001

Catnip Bunny


…and two pairs of socks:


october 014
Handspun Sleeping Socks

I made good progress on two crochet afghans:

babette 005

Hexagons for Caroline

I also did a lot of spinning.

spinning 009spinning 027
spinning 010spinning 021

I haven’t been blogging lately, but I HAVE been knitting and crocheting.

I spend most of November and early December working on the Deep V Argyle Vest. I am just about ready to cut the steeks, but I’m a chicken and haven’t worked on it for a few weeks.


I have been making good progress on the hexagon afghan for my sister, and presented it to her at Christmas. I still need to do an edging, then I can do the big reveal on the blog.

On a recent family trip to Illinois, I started Cecchetti.


I haven’t spun much lately, but I’ve been getting the itch to spin again. I’ve also been getting the itch to blog again, so you should see more of me around here.

Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. re: I haven’t been blogging lately, but I HAVE been knitting and crocheting. AND : I haven’t spun much lately.

    Well, Wilbur! you sure have been busy, from the looks of things! I’d say blogging takes a back seat to all that, anway!

    Sandra ♥♥♥

  2. What a lovely round up post. You have been very busy. Lovely projects. I think your citron is my favourite. Im going to knit that this year I think. Happy New Year to you x

  3. I haven’t checked in on your blog in an EMBARRASSINGLY long time, but I just did, so there!

    I can’t believe all of the things you’ve been making! I am super impressed. Particularly about the spinning.

    Can you teach me how to do a crochet afghan? I’ve decided to take up crochet again because I’m really stressed out, and I like the idea of a big project I can do in itty bitty pieces like that.

    Evan just bought me knitting needles and yarn the other day when we were in northampton. What a sweetie! I never was any good at knitting, but with the help of youtube, I’m learning. Want to make baby sweaters, because they are so darn cute and so darn small.

    Anyway, <3!

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