Lucky #13

Why hello out there.  Happy New Year.  Yes, I’m still alive.

We moved into a new house in October, so there was a long while there where every bit of creative energy I had was spent on setting it up.  We’ve made good progress though, and I can turn to some knitting and spinning again.

Last weekend was my birthday (my first 29th birthday) so I treated myself to some nice relaxing spinning.  I chose a Gale’s Art 50/50 merino/silk blend, which I got at Rhinebeck 2010.  I had started it some months ago, and the bright, tropical colors were a perfect antidote to a very cold winter weekend.


Before spinning it, I split it in half lengthwise, then split one half into many smaller strips.


Then I settled in for my first quality time with Penelope since we moved.  Fiona was so cold that she tolerated some bouncing knees to snuggle.Image

As a result of how I split up the roving, of course, one bobbin had much shorter color repeats than the other.  I really like what that does to the finished yarn (as you’ll see soon).


Despite not having spun since August, I’m delighted with how it turned out.  It’s the 13th yarn I’ve finished, so I guess it was lucky.


ImageAs soon as the twist was set and the yarn was dry, I cast on for Baktus.


I love the way the finished yarn shifts from green-dominated to blue-dominated because of the long repeats on one of the bobbins.  It’s snowing again today, but I don’t mind.


9 thoughts on “Lucky #13

  1. Love those colors!! Baktus seems like a great match for the handspun – it’s in my queue for a while, I should check the stash for handspun now!

  2. Happy new year and happy birthday. My first 29th birthday was last weekend as well! Here’s to a wonderful knitting and spinning year 🙂

  3. I wish I can spin my own yarn like you….
    so envy….

    but, can’t afford to get a spinner like you…. (no time, no space)
    you did a really great job on that!! Love the colors!!

  4. Hi I’m from Simi Valley, CA. I visited Alaska in 2008 and went to a store in the Sitka Bazaar. I got some yarn by Pelican Paints/KnittingFisher. One was Fish-King Salmon, and the other one I can’t remember the name of. It is Teal, Blue, Brown and Beige. Do you have any or know where I could get any of this color? I really like it and now I have made 3 socks with it, but need one more hank, or something, because how can one wear 3 socks? If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. The name might have been Sea Otter. Thank you again.

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