Ravellenic Spinning

I am super excited to make my Tour de Fleece yarn into a Harvest Moon Cardigan for Rhinebeck. But that’s going to be a fun, relaxing pattern. Cramming it in to 16 days would ruin it, and wouldn’t be true to the Ravellenic spirit.

Instead I decided to reprise my Winter Games 2010 victory with a fleece-to-FO challenge. For some reason the 2012 games do not have such a category, so I’ll enter both the spinning and the shawl categories.

spinning 004

spinning 007

I got this beauty from Into the Whirled at the 2011 New England Fiber Fest. I have never spun from a batt, and I have never done a gradient yarn. My goal is to Navajo ply the singles to preserve the color progression, and ideally wind up with fingering weight.

I watched the Opening Ceremonies with Jacie, and had made good progress by the end of the night.

spinning 009

Per Jacie’s suggestion, I tore the batt into strips. I pre-drafted and rolled into roving balls like I always do, so it was not that different from spinning from top.

July 2012 029

By the end of a rainy weekend watching the Olympics (am I allowed to say that?) I had finished the singles.

July 2012 031

That tiny bobbin is there because one of my little roving bundles rolled under the couch. I’ll try to find where it should have gone in the sequence and splice it in.

It went well, but for one issue:

July 2012 027

When the first bobbin was about 2/3 full, the yarn stopping winding on evenly and started kinking up. I fiddled with the band tensions and it did not seem to help. When I switched bobbins the singles wound on evenly again. Experienced spinners, what is causing this?

3 thoughts on “Ravellenic Spinning

  1. it sounds like you need to adjust your takeup as the bobbin fills. it needs more tension to wind on as you put more singles on the bobbin and the overall weight increases. i always have to make this adjustment. it’s quite normal.

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