So maybe this should be a garden blog…

*tap tap* Is this thing on?

Good Heavens, it’s been over a year.  I have been knitting, in stolen moments here and there.

Vitamin D in Malabrigo Sock

But, truth be told, I haven’t been knitting much.  Vivian is one and a half and is an absolute joy, so I spend as much free time as possible with her.


My primary outlet for creative energy has been my garden.

photo1 (2)

So maybe this should be a garden blog, for awhile.  I have been trying to keep my garden journal in a Facebook album, and it just isn’t enough.

I’m not sure where to start, frankly.  I guess I’ll start at the beginning of this season!

I started some seeds in a tub (“winter sow method”) in January, and indoors under grow lights in February.  The winter sown seeds were a disaster, I think in part because we had such a cold spring.  The brassicas and chard did not do well indoors at all (far too leggy) but the hollyhocks and Ping Tung eggplant did well, and are still doing well now.  The fennel was a mixed bag (more detail to follow later, I guess).

Brassica fail – so leggy!


Ping Tung eggplant about to blossom

I started more seeds outdoors in April, and many of the plants in my garden now were sown then (including some more successful kale, and broccoli that has potential). In particular, the cosmos and zucchini have been quite successful. The onions, basil, delphiniums and herbs were a bust.


Our first zucchini of the season, harvested and eaten today.

So, is there a gardening blogosphere? Is there still a knitting blogosphere, for that matter?  I guess I’ll find out!