Happy Halloween!

october 022

In honor of Halloween/Day of the Dead I made my sister this skull garland. It’s pretty fricken rad if I may say so myself.

I started with the Day of the Dead Crochet Skull pattern by Darlene Harris. I added an extra round of single crochet to make the jaw area more solid, which you can see in the yellow skull on the left.

october 017

Using black, I chained 20 then did single crochet around the bottom edge, ending across from where I had attached the black. I chained 15, then single crocheted around the bottom edge of the second skull. And so on. Next, I chained 20 and then single crocheted along the top edge of the skull. I chained 15 and single crocheted along the top edge of the second skull. And so on. This is why there are two strings connecting the skulls. To finish, I used a hot iron and some Niagara spray starch on the skulls only (not the strings connecting them).

october 023

Each skull took about 1/5 of a ball of Sugar ‘n Cream, so it was a VERY affordable project.

Caroline says she loves it!


Not so bad

I’ve been studying for the bar exam for a few weeks now. This is my summer:


You see a BARBRI video on the computer, the BARBRI notebook ahead of me, and some crochet to keep me from losing my sanity.


The good news about BARBRI is that 1) it’s very thorough and 2) they provide you with fill-in-the-blanks outlines, so I can get a lot of crochet done while watching the videos.

What do I mean by a lot of crochet? I mean that so far I’ve made 176 little 2-row circles for the hexagon blanket, and I’m well on my way to making them into 3-row circles.


I’m using 22 colors – all 20 colors of KnitPicks Simply Cotton Worsted, plus two of the undyed organic colors. To ensure that the colors are used evenly, I made 8 center circles of each color, then made sure that each color was used 8 times making second rings. Now I’m doing third rings, again making sure that each color is used 8 times.


So far, with the crochet to keep me company, bar prep has not been so bad. Yes, I do have to put down the crochet for several hours at a time to do practice questions and refine my notes. But I’ve been doing a lot of studying at the lake, and I’ve been able to spend a lot of time outside. I even give myself the occasional break to watch the sun set.

lake 064

WIP Wednesday – Getting There

I’ve finally started finishing Babette.

babette 005

I tried sewing the edges together, but I didn’t think it looked good unless the seam matched one of the edge colors. With 12 different colors, and some squares only 4 rows wide, it just wasn’t working out. I decided to switch to crochet seams, all with navy blue.

babette 006

I think this is working out a lot better. The darker, unified color highlights the individual squares. And it’s MUCH EASIER, so it will actually get finished some time soon!

Color Options

So, as I mentioned, my sister recently earned her Master’s. I’m making her a graduation present (or maybe housewarming, if I take long enough that she’s moved by then…)

I decided to crochet Hexagon How-to. Caroline likes funky retro.

I’m struggling to decide on the color scheme. I feel like I have four main options.

Option A – Solid background color, circles in the same color family. See rettgrayson’s blog (or ravelry).

Hex A

Option B – Solid background color, circles of many different colors. See Annerosemary’s on ravelry.

Hex B

Option C – many colors, different colors for each segment. See Knitting Nonni’s blog.

Hex C

Option D – many colors, but the center circles all match. The original pattern photos show this color scheme, and a lot of people seem to have chosen it.

Hex D

(Yes, I used PowerPoint to make knitting diagrams. No, I’m not ashamed.)

I started out thinking I would do Option C. Hey, Caroline likes bright colors.

hex 010

But wow, those colors are bright. Maybe not in a good way. I’m leaning towards Option A now, with the dark purple you see above as the background color, and circles in shades of pink, yellow, tan, and orange.

hex 003

So, what do you think?

Babette Inventory

I ended up missing the deadline for the current installment of the potholder swap (I’ll finish the potholders and show you eventually) but it did whet my appetite for more crochet. So for WIP Wednesday I’ll revisit a crochet project. What ever happened to Babette?


I haven’t touched Babette since August. I did a fair amount of crochet last summer, so crochet definitely feels like a summer activity to me. I guess it’s getting to be that time of year again!

When I was working on Babette last summer I put I lot of thought into making sure all of the colors were being used evenly, but I didn’t think at all about gauge, how many squares I had or how many squares I would need. So I decided to do a little inventory.

I have:

babette 001
– one six-row square, one eight-row square, and one twelve-row square

babette 002

babette 003

babette 004
– 24 four-row squares and three three-row squares.

I was surprised to notice that despite using Berocco Comfort  my gauge is just a bit bigger than called for.  OK, I can keep banging out four-row squares for quite awhile before I need to count again.  Good to know.