Foliage FAQ


I’m absolutely thrilled that so many people have decided to make Foliage! From the emails I’ve gotten, it seems like there are a few things that could be clearer, so I’ve set up this FAQ. If there are any other questions that come up a lot I’ll update it.

What do the blank boxes represent?

It depends on what you mean by blank boxes. If there is a blank box, it is a knit stitch. If there is no box at all, it means that there is no stitch there. I set up the chart so that if one stitch is above another in real life, it is above that stitch in the chart. Most of the stitches are added at the edge of the chart, which is why it’s a triangle. Since extra stitches are added on rows 9 and 15 there are blank areas on the chart before those stitches are added. If you find it confusing check out the written directions.

Do I need a whole skein? What if they yarn I want to use comes in smaller skeins?

Nah, I didn’t use the whole skein for either version. I would estimate about 2/3 of the skein, but sadly I do not have a scale sensitive enough to tell me for sure. Can anyone else out there lend us some more specific information?

The stitch count is wrong on row X.

I’m pretty sure that all of the stitch counts are right (thanks Mandy!) but this is the most common type of question. The answer usually has to do with the missing boxes I mentioned above or the SK2P double-decrease. SK2P stands for “slip one, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over” and it turns three stitches into one with this \ kind of slant. Watch out for these on rounds 11, 13, 17 and 19, and in the main body of the hat.

Can I make the hat with 16 or 20 leaves per round rather than 8 or 12?

Yes! I’ll post detailed directions at some point, but I need to talk to Amy about when/where I should do that.

I’m so psyched and flattered that you guys like the pattern. Thanks for all the feedback! I’m sorry I’ve been so delinquent in responding to comments, I promise I’ll get better now that the initial rush of questions has died down.


5 thoughts on “Foliage FAQ

  1. I work periodically at a friend’s video store, and last week a customer came in with a gorgeous apple green cap knitted in a leaf pattern: I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I kicked myself that I didn’t grab her and ask about it. My local knit shop (Off the Beaten Path, Madison WI) turned me on to Ravelry when I went in to ask how they thought I might find a leaf pattern hat. I found Foliage INSTANTLY and am thrilled to take up knitting again, all because of that darling hat that walked into my life! thanks again

  2. Do you happen to have a mitten pattern that matches foliage hat? I am currently in love with your foliage hat and nearly 1/3 of the way done and have already started to look for mittens to match. To be honest, I am not really happy with what I am finding. Please, tell me you know of a mitten pattern that is worthy of this stunning hat.

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