Log Cabining

I’ll begin by highlighting my Vivian, my most important and consuming WIP.

March 147

She’s awesome.

She’s also not the only baby in the family, my cousin had baby Ryan three weeks later. I started a simple log cabin baby blanket for him (based on How to Log Cabin in Mason-Dixon Knitting) shortly after Vivi was born. It is excellent maternity leave mindless knitting.

march 002

The floor tiles are 12-inch squares, so you can see that it is about 2 1/2 feet to a side now. I feel like I should add at least one more strip to each side. That would make it a small but respectable stroller blanket at 32ish inches to a side. I’ll see them at Easter, I can finish it by then.

Meanwhile a good law school buddy had baby Andrew, and I started a Moderne Baby Blanket (also log cabin style) for him. I’m thinking this as a color scheme.


Vivi is starting to sleep for longer stretches, and a couple hours of garter stitch and stupid TV after she goes to bed does wonders for my outlook.

march 004

5 thoughts on “Log Cabining

  1. OMG those cheeks! She is adorable and the blanket is lovely. I loved mindless knitting when my son was an infant. Heck I still like it and he is 4 now.

  2. I am making the Foliage hat, and find that the rounds 13 or 15 are not working out. In order to make 15 work it needs 4 extra stitches. Where can i add them to make the pattern work.?

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